The swedish Van Der Pals Quartet's members are; Gordan Trajkovic, Fredrik Burstedt, Markus Falkbring and Tobias van der Pals - each long established artists, who have  toured the world both as chamber musicians and with various renowned orchestra's. When they spontanously started playing together during a summer party in 2012, from the first notes played, the sudden interaction of consonance and harmony was palpable. Something unique was happening and they have ever since been keen on playing together whenever they can.


No one stays unmoved when the Van Der Pals Quartet takes to the stage. Their fresh approach and bold interpretations have enchanted audiences and critics so far: The German 'Neue Musik Zeitung' praises their 'highly emotional playing', 'Der Opernfreund' says their performances of Leopold van der Pals music are a 'must-hear'.


Initially known as Virtua String Quartet, the quartet has meanwhile dedicated itself to bringing the lost music of Danish/Dutch modernist composer Leopold van der Pals back to the memory of the music world.


Mainly touring Scandinavia, the Van Der Pals Quartet has built up an extensive repertoire ranging from Haydn to Sibelius. In 2019 the Quartet made its first appearances on other European scenes around Germany , Switzerland, Serbia and Belgium.


By the end of 2021 the Quartet will launch their first cd with Quartets by Leopold van der Pals on the label CPO.